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Why Consider a Strategic Partnership with Adminisolve?

How it Works

As the needs of a business change, so too must the insurer adapt to meet those changes. An agency's reputation is built upon its ability to assess and meet the unique requirements of its clients, and so it is vital for an agency to have access to a variety of tailored resources. The presence and importance of the PEO in the modern business conversation is irrefutable. By providing workers’ compensation insurance on a pay as you go basis while also offering payroll solutions and impressive HR and benefit packages, the PEO achieves unparalleled flexibility and customization for its clients. Couple that with the large group buying power intrinsic to the PEO business model, and the services offered by a PEO can be hard to beat.

It is more than likely that you've encountered PEO reps in the past. They call directly on the your clients, luring them away with assurances of reduced rates and increased services. In the face of the PEO's offerings, an agent might find it difficult to win back their hard-earned client with their current offerings. This is where Adminisolve comes in.

Adminisolve is a national PEO brokerage firm, not a PEO. By partnering with Adminisolve, we can become a resource for your clients, helping them find an ideal solution for their needs . We represent over 30 of the nation’s top-rated PEOs and payroll service providers and are one of the nation’s foremost PEO experts. We pride ourselves on forming strong relationships with our valued agency partners to help them stay competitive in the everchanging marketplace. We work on the behalf of our agents, offering our resources to those who wish to retain their clientele and provide them a diverse range of additional services.

The relationship is simple. If one of your clients is inclined to look at PEO options, you refer them to Adminisolve, and we offer your client our resources and expertise, shopping the PEO marketplace on their behalf and finding them the right solution for their needs. Like you, Adminisolve is an independent brokerage firm working on the client’s behalf and not captive to any one market. When your client is successfully paired with the right PEO, Adminisolve shares a residual commission with your agency. Instead of an unknown sales rep swooping in to take your clients, those clients remain yours, and you earn their continued trust.

It is clear to see that a strategic partnership with Adminisolve is a great asset to your agency. If you would like to further discuss the benefits of working with Adminisolve, please give us a call or complete the form below.  We are always happy to speak with you, and look forward to forming a lasting relationship.

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